Cost of Goods Sold Over Time Report

What is COGS Over Time? (multi-location HQ accounts only)

It's now even more valuable to count regularly and leverage MarketMan data to improve the bottom line!

The new COGS overtime report is a comparative view of the COGS report across multiple locations and multiple periods at once. From this view you can easily drill down into each location’s report or dive into specific categories and items – and see how they trend over time and across locations.

Our goal with this new addition is to enable efficient ways to analyze costs and drive COGS down.

How to run the report - Step by Step
  1. Click the New Beta COGS Report to open the new report beta_click.png

  2. Choose the locations you would like to compare. 
    Note: You can select up to 5 locations to view at a time.

    3. Click Date Range to begin setting up the periods

    Note: the first time viewing this report you must set up your COGS Cycle. The COGS cycle defines the periods calculated in this report. Ideally, this is your regular scheduled day of weekly or monthly inventory counts. 


    4. Once your COGS Cycle is saved you can choose the date ranges of data you would like to compare. Confirm, and run report! 


How to read the COGS Over Time Report

1. Once Run Report is clicked, a high-level overview of each location's Cost of Good Sold for the date ranges chosen will populate. This allows you to compare the overall COGS by sales 


2. Click on each location to view the total sales details 


3. You can also break down each category 

Extra tips - from the experts!

The COGS Over Time Report is very interactive! There are many layers of data within each set. We encourage you to click through each report to view different data sets and compare!

This report is best viewed with consistent count periods across locations. Comparing same sets of data will allow for most accurate analytics.   

- Click on the location name to compare categories across one location 
- Click into a category to compare sales across all locations 
- From category view, break down further into individual items across time periods

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