What POS systems do you integrate with?

The MarketMan Partner Ecosystem
Find your POS Partner or reach out to us about our API! 

Why should I connect my POS?

                         aloha.png      blinq.pngbreadcrumb.png    clover.png


     foodtech.png    givex.png

heartland-point-of-sale-pos.png     iPratico_logo_original04__1_.png         

     invulogin.png                   output-onlinepngtools__14_.png


        lolly-epos-logo.png                       lavu.png       


Ls.png              micros.png 


MenuSifu.png          ninito.png        odrx.png 


omnivore.png  pay_pro.png 


  pos_bee.pngpracti.jpgpositouch.png      qu.jpg


point_1.png     redcat.png     revel.png                  squirrel.png           Shopify-Logo.png             shopWave.png    square.png      3spos.png


served1.png   shift4-payments-logo-60300E3AB4-seeklogo.com.png

sentinel.jpg        download.png


       toast.png          tray.png

Tissl-300x300.png       tabit.webp



                1.png                        2.png



We always have more integrations coming.

If you do not see your POS here please email us at support@marketman.com so we can add it or let you know if it is coming soon!

If you are interested in manually uploading your sales data without integration we can easily accompany this as well - here's a step-by-step article!


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