What is Order by Recipe?

Ordering in MarketMan is allowing you to send your orders via email or text message directly from the app or web system.  Ordering by recipe allows you to create your orders based on specific recipes and events

Why should I use Order by Recipe?

1. Are you catering for an event or expecting a large party? Order based on menu item recipes for your event.

2. Par order - take into account what you have on hand and how much more you will need for your upcoming event.

How to Order by Recipe - Step by Step

1. Navigate to Orders > Events

2. You can sort by date, status, or search for past events
3. To create a new event click the green Create new event button


4. Enter your event details like name, date, customer, guests, and any comments.

5. The Add New Item button will allow you to begin searching for recipes and menu items.
Note: only items that contain a recipe will appear in the recipe pop up

6. Click Add, or drag and drop recipes directly into your cart. You can click on any of these menu items to review the recipe details and pricing. 
Note: Sub-recipes are not required if linked to the menu item

7. Hover over the item to change the quantity or remove it. 

a. You can add additional items by clicking the green sidebar on the right of the order
Note: Items will be rounded up based on supplier package size and unit of ordering.

 b. Have stock on-hand for some of these recipes? Check the box Take ingredients on-hand into account and MarketMan will only order what you need based on your current on-hand level.

8. Once you're satisfied with your list click the green Generate Purchase button on the top right of the report and MarketMan will build an order based on the item recipes. 

You're now back to the familiar Place Orders screen. You can adjust or add additional items from any supplier, add comments, or change the delivery date. 
Items will be chosen based on Main Purchase Item


9. When you're ready to place your orders, press send and your supplier will be emailed/texted.

Best Practices:
- Any additional items added at this point will be tied to the overall event
- If no carts are sent, the event will remain as a draft and can be sent at a later time. If at least one of the carts is sent to the supplier, the additional carts and items can not be sent at a later time. We recommend sending all orders at one time to avoid duplication of events.

A history of your event order will be kept under the Events tab! 



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