I need help maintaining my MarketMan account

MarketMan is an amazing tool to help you save time and money. That being said, it is a data system! So in order to get good data out of it, you have to put good data into it. There are a few maintenance aspects that are key to making sure you have the accurate numbers you need- things like updating irregular prices, merging items, building recipes, and more. 


Our team of data entry specialists is available to assist with various maintenance projects for a fee. This team is available to assist you in making sure your data is as accurate as possible! 


Examples of projects we can assist with:

  • Merging inventory items 
  • Merging menu items 
  • Adding new items 
  • Renaming items 
  • Building recipes - check out more information about this specifically here
  • Creating users


We are also happy to work with you on your project based on our availability. If you are looking for assistance, please contact your Customer Sucess Manager! 

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