Recipe Building Services


Can MarketMan build my recipes?

We're excited to launch our new recipe-building services! 

How does it work?




Recipe building has a $500 upfront fee plus $2 per recipe

This fee covers menu items and sub-recipes/preparations along with 3 feedback sessions to review recipes.


What we need from you
  1. Integrated POS system- Your pos system must be integrated before we begin building recipes. Check out a list of all integrated pos systems here, and chat with your onboarding specialist to get started! 
  2. All inventory items, order guides, and suppliers must be set up in MarketMan- scan your invoices into MarketMan to add your inventory items and send any order guides to your onboarding specialist. 
  3. Send us your recipes- Please read the recipe requirements below.
  4. 3 feedback sessions to check in on recipe progress and answer any open questions.
Recipe requirements

1. Recipes can only be sent in digital format (no handwritten text).  

2. Names of recipes must match menu item names linked in MarketMan from your POS system.

3. Names of ingredients must match inventory items. 


Example: Unable to create recipe. Names are incorrect, ingredients do not match.

salmon.png salmon_meal.png



Example: Great! Menu item names and ingredients match what is showing in MarketMan




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