Splitting Merged Menu Items

This article pertains to merging Menu Items and editing POS codes. If you are looking to split an inventory item or purchased item, see this article.


What is it doing?

MarketMan allows you to merge duplicate menu items. For example, your POS system has two buttons for French Fries, but only one has a recipe in MarketMan. You can merge these items to avoid building another recipe. But we all make mistakes sometimes! This article will break down how to separate -or split- menu items if merged by mistake. 


When should I use it?

  1. The merged menu items are not the same price 
  2. The merged menu items should have different recipes 


How to split a merged menu item- Step by Step


1. Go to Inventory> "Menu items"
Open the menu item you'd like to split and click the POS Settings Tab



2. Click the split icon on the items you would like to remove from the group



3. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Here you have the opportunity to keep the recipe attached to this menu item or remove it.




4. Don't forget to SAVE! 



  • I got a new POS system or added another location and have a lot of merging to do! 

- No problem! Check out how to bulk/Auto-Merge here 


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