Dashboard Overview (NEW!)

What is the dashboard showing me?

The dashboard section is the go-to place to see general reports and numbers on your account. You can view the information based on orders (estimated cost) or invoices (final cost).


Why should I use the Dashboard?

Our new dashboard allows you to keep track of daily activities, action items, and oversee location operations all in one place! At a quick glance you can analyze reports, take action, and understand trends as they develop.


Sales Card- Compare your weekly sales

- View your daily and weekly sales and easily compare them to the week prior’s.
- Scroll through the chart and view three weeks’ worth of daily sales. Need to dive deeper? Access the sales summary page right from the sales card!


Ordering Card- Easily monitor placed orders


- Ordering from your suppliers on MarketMan? See all your recently placed orders, estimated order values, and the accumulating orders’ values.

- Gain direct access to approve pending orders now directly from this card.


Receiving Orders Card- Oversee incoming orders


- You can now view a list of all your expected orders and gain insight into the total value of your received goods every week.

- If you’re waiting for invoice scans to be approved, you can easily monitor those pending, too.


Count Value Card-Inventory Counts highlights


- Catch major differences in logged category stock ahead of time with the new Count Value card.

- Get insight into each category’s count value and compare to the previous count.


Top By Profit Card- Glance into the Menu Profitability report

- The Top by Profit card displays daily and weekly updated top menu items by profit.

- You can now spot top-selling items that are missing recipes in MarketMan!


Accounting Card- Ace accounting


- The new Accounting card displays the number of draft invoices or delivery notes that need finalization, documents that have been exported, open and closed credits, and more.

- Whether you prefer a weekly or monthly view, the choice is yours! Simply click on its settings to choose the right time frame for you.


Waste Card- Keep waste under control


- Get a daily updated status view on top wasted items and easily review expected or one-off losses with the new Waste card.

- Looking for an in-depth analysis? You can access the Waste Report directly from the card!


Internal Transfers Card- Transfer goods between locations (multi-location only)


- Are you a restaurant chain? This new Transfers card will keep track of incoming and outgoing transfer status.

- You can now view transfer requests, recent transfers, rejections, and more. (available on the location level only.)

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