Automated Merge Menu Items (Bulk Merge)

This article pertains to bulk merging Menu Items. If you only need to merge 1-10 items please see this article. 


What is it doing?

MarketMan allows you to merge duplicate menu items. For example, your POS system has two buttons for French Fries, but only one has a recipe in MarketMan. You can merge these items to avoid building another recipe. 

Note: The two menu items must be exactly the same portion and price for merging to be used.


When should I BULK AUTO MERGE?

  1. You have installed a new POS system 
  2. You have added another location and have a duplicate menu
  3. You have updated your POS system creating duplicate menu items 


How to merge menu items- Step by Step

  1. Go to Inventory> "Menu items"
    Click on "Actions" > "Automated Merging"



2. From the drop-down, select how you want to search for your duplicate items, then click run search.

  • SKU/POS Code (default option) - search by the code that connects to your pos system
  • Item name - the menu item name as it appears in MarketMan
  • SKU/POS Code & Item name - a combination of both pos code and name 




3. Once the search is complete, matches will appear in list format. You can view each match by clicking into the item. When ready to begin merging check the box next to the item name.

*Note: While merging is simple, unmerging does require a few extra steps so double check your menu items before continuing! 



4. A confirmation box will appear. When ready press continue. The merging process will run in the background and you will receive a notification when complete. 


Note: While in-process access to the menu item screen and merge will be limited. 



  • What if I accidentally merge the wrong items? 

- It's important to check your menu items before merging as you may need to rebuild the recipe if done incorrectly. No worries though! Reach out to your Success Manager and they will guide you through the steps! 

  • What if the process fails or partially fails?

- Click the fail notification and review the menu items that did not merge before trying again 


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