How to save time with reporting!

Keeping track of your reporting can be a hugely time-consuming task without MarketMan! Manually trying to keep track of price changes or COGs can take up a lot of labor hours. 

The good news is by receiving all your invoices into MarketMan, you easily track price changes and your COGs! For irregular prices, you no longer have to keep track of things on excel, then run formulas, then weeks later chat with your suppliers about price changes. You simply update your irregular prices, view the price change report, and in real-time you can understand what items are fluctuating.
For the COGs report, no more running equations of purchases compared to sales or opening inventory + purchases- closing inventory. MarketMan does it all for you and for both reports, you can view these reports at any time with no manual calculations required- how awesome! 


Step 1: 

- Watch this video to understand how you can save time with irregular prices, price change, and COGs reports


Step 2: 

- Watch this video to understand how to update irregular prices, view the price change report, and analyze the COGs report quickly and easily


Step 3: 

- Congrats! You are saving time with reporting!

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