MarketMan Overview- a great starting point for people new to MarketMan!


Welcome to MarketMan! Whether you are a brand new customer, or maybe just a new team member at an already established MarketMan customer, we are happy to have you on board! The following video and article will give you an overview of the system and guide you in the right direction to get started. The goal of MarketMan is to help save you time and money!


Our customers have been able to reduce their COGs by an average of 5%, cut their accounting time in half, found variances to help them save thousands of dollars, and much more! 


Of course, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or email our support team- 


MarketMan Overview Video: 


Next steps: 

First thing to focus on is the setup and day to day usage of the system- check out a step by step guide below:

  1. Set up Suppliers
    1. Make sure to set up (or confirm) their contact information and delivery dates/cutoff times
  2. Edit or assign any additional categories
    1. These should be mostly set already from uploading your items but feel free to edit as needed
  3. Create and assign storage areas
    1. These could already be set up if you are using MarketMan for a while, but make sure to edit to your likes and needs! 
  4. Edit inventory items as needed
    1. If you need to merge any items, if you buy them in multiple sizes or from multiple suppliers
  5. Inventory counts
    1. If you have multiple users make sure to set everyone up with their own login so they can start their own count
    2. Shelf to sheet
      1. This makes inventory counts so much faster and easier!
    3. Don't forget you can count on mobile too!
  6. Ordering
    1. Placing orders *make sure to set up/confirm suppliers before placing orders!
    2. Receiving orders / scanning invoices
      1. You can always receive an order even if you didn't place it through MarketMan by using invoice without order
    3. New items
      1. Check this every few days to catch any new items and assign their categories, storage areas, and mark them for count
  7. Waste
    1. Important to log this at the end of every day or shift
  8. Transfers (for multi-locations only)

Secondly, you want to build your recipes- info on that below: 

    1. Sub-recipes/preps
      1. Build these out first so you can have an easier time with your menu items
    2. Menu items
      1. These can be complex dishes, modifiers, or 1:1 ratio items (like a bottle of wine or a can of soda) so make sure to work your way through all the different types
  1. Allergens
    1. You can set these up at the item level or through the Allergens page
  2. Cookbook
    1. Can print this, view on computer, or even the mobile app!
  3. Menu Profitability
    1. This report will be huge in figuring out if you want to run specials, happy hours, etc. and still remain profitable


Thirdly, you'll want to analyze your reports! Some of our top reports are included in the list below: 

  1.  COGS
    1. You can see overall, by category, and by item
    2. This is a great overall snapshot report
  2. Irregular Prices
    1. Update these every few days (in bulk) so your recipes, items, and reports will be updated accordingly
  3. Price Change
    1. Great visual graphs of how the prices are changing of each item
  4. Menu Profitability
    1. Use this to see your profits on your menu items or figure out which items would be best to run specials on
  5. Actual vs Theoretical
    1. Most powerful/complex report in MarketMan!
    2. This will show you waste, variance, etc. 

Looking for more info on the mobile app? Check out our mobile app overview below! 



The goal is for you to combine day to day usage with analyzing reports to save time and money! Please reach out with any questions! 

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