Creating Orders with a Commissary Account


What is a Commissary Account?

If you run a production kitchen, CPU, warehouse, wholesale business, etc. a commissary account in MarketMan, will help you with everything you need to manage, inventory-wise. 

MarketMan will allow you to easily manage your own production, ordering, and inventory, while simultaneously managing your customers' orders and requests. 

You now also have the ability to create an order on behalf of a customer!


Learn more about the capabilities of a commissary account here!


How to create an order in a Commissary on behalf of the customer

1. Navigate to the order fulfillment drop-down and click incoming orders.

2. On the top right of the page you will see a create an order button.



3. Choose the customer name you are creating an order for and whom it is being placed by. Once the order is created and sent it will automatically reflect as an incoming order. 



Note: If you do not see a customer under the dropdown, they may have unauthorized orders being placed on their behalf 


4. The commissary can then reject or create a delivery note for the order fulfillment.




How the order will appear to the customer

When an order is created on the half of a customer, the order history log will notate that the order was created within the commissary 

A customer can block orders from being placed on their behalf by updating the setting under the supplier details page. 


  • Any ordering rules set by the commissary will remain when the order is placed on their behalf (assortments, out of stock, not for orders, etc.)
  • Delivery rules will be per supplier settings 
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