How to work with an Integrated Vendor/Supplier


What is a Vendor Integration?

Integrating with your supplier/vendor will allow your rep to automatically update prices, product codes, and add new items into MarketMan. 

Orders placed through MarketMan will go directly to your supplier and all invoices/delivery notes will automatically flow into MarketMan


What suppliers do you integrate with and what does it cost?

To connect an integrated supplier there is a $25 a month fee per supplier, however, you will save on scans as there is no longer a need to scan these invoices into MarketMan!

You can see a full list of suppliers we connect with here!


How to place an order with an integrated supplier 

1. Navigate to "Orders" > "Place orders"

2. You can sort by supplier but be sure to choose the "official" supplier name

When you are on the place orders screen you will see that your on-hand is automatically showing up. Remember this on hand is coming in by the case and automatically! Check out this article on how to see your MarketMan on hand calculations in full.

3. To add items to your cart, just click the plus button next to the item
    or manually type in how much you need


4. Your cart will build on the right as you go.
    You can edit the quantity of the items in your cart by clicking on them and adjusting the QTY

5. You can also add comments, pick your delivery date, and then just click send! The order will go directly to your supplier rep!


Note: You can continue to place orders through your suppliers portal as well!


How to receive an integrated order

1. Whether you places the order through MarketMan or your suppliers portal, all invoices will flow into MarketMan under the "receive orders" drop-down 


 It is important that orders are checked for accuracy and received in order to provide accurate data and reports. 


2. Click the DOC# for the invoice to open and view the invoice. Then press the continue button to make edits to any items. For example: The invoice says you ordered 3 cases of apples however you only received 1 case. 



3. Press save and you're Done! 



Allocating Items to your catalog 

If you need new items added to your supplier catalog, first contact your supplier rep directly!

Once items have been added you can allocate them to your catalog.

Here is a guide to allocating items


Extra tips from the experts
  • Set up all your suppliers ahead of time to create a seamless experience while ordering.
  • If you get price updates of your items on your invoices, you'll want to update the irregular prices report so those price changes will be reflected in the inventory item page. Also, don't forget you can edit that supplier so that all prices automatically update! Just go to suppliers, suppliers, click on the supplier, and press "automatically update prices from invoices". 
  • As you go through your inventory when placing the order, you can filter by supplier, category or storage area.
  • Use the comments to communicate any messages to your supplier/rep.
  • If you have a repeating order, something that you order exactly the same every day / week-you can set up a weekly schedule for automated orders
  • Want to control your ordering process 100%? You can use our PO Approval feature!


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