Managing New Inventory Items in a Commissary Account


What are new inventory items? 

When scanning invoices into MarketMan, if an item is purchased that is not already in your inventory list, it will be added as a new item. Managing new items is important in order to maintain data accuracy in MarketMan - new items review, correction, and merging as needed, ensures smooth inventory counts, ordering and future receiving, as well as correct purchasing reports.

New items can also be an exciting item that is purchased from a different supplier or different packaging size. 


How to manage new inventory items within a Commissary:

We suggest checking and managing your new items on a weekly basis. This will allow you to use them in recipes, keep track of cost/pricing, and merge with existing items if needed! 


1. On the inventory items page, new items will have a green star next to the item name.

2. You can also find a list of all recent new items by clicking the star icon on the top right of the page


3. From here you can review item information, change the item name, or merge with an existing item if necissary. 


Why Merge items? 

MarketMan allows you to manage a few purchasing options of the same item, as ONE big item. So when you're counting your inventory or building recipes you'll be able to look at one "potatoes" item, but when you place an order or receive an invoice, you can pick the specific size/supplier you bought this from.


How to Merge items:

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"
    Then select the items you'd like to merge, and click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"


  2. From the drop-down, select "Merge items"
    and click "Continue"

  3. MarketMan will ask you which of the items is the "main" one - which is the one you use the most?
    (that's the that will be used for recipe pricing as well, so selecting the one you usually buy will keep your recipes up to date at all times)
    You can easily change the "main" item later on.






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