How to save time with inventory counts!

Inventory counts are an inevitable part of being in the hospitality business! Without MarketMan, inventory counts can be time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Before taking MarketMan most people print off a count sheet, manually write in with pen and paper the counts, hand that to someone else, that person types it into an excel or another program. This not only takes 2x as much time and effort but also does not include correct and updated prices!


The good news is, that taking counts in MarketMan will allow you to take counts either on the app or the computer, have updated prices, and organize your count's shelf to sheet- all saving you time! Typically our customers are able to cut their count time in HALF, if not more, by counting in MarketMan! 



Step 1: 

- Watch this video to understand how you can save time with inventory counts in MarketMan


Step 2: 

- Watch this video to understand how to set up your storage areas, reorganize them shelf to sheet, and then take counts much more easily!



Step 3: 

- Congrats! You are saving time with inventory counts! 


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