How to save money with COGs!

Understanding your COGs is the first step to lowering them and saving money! With MarketMan's robust COGs report, you can break down your overall COGs, category COGs, and even see the COGs per inventory item. Because the system does all these calculations for you, no more manual work is needed to get this information!

Our customers are able to save between 3-10% on their COGs report- Not only by having real-time visibility but also by seeing how each number is calculated. From there, improvements can be made such as purchasing less, changing suppliers, purchasing different sizes, and much more!


Lowering your COGs is almost every restaurant's goal! By using the tools provided in the videos below, you'll be on your way to saving money with this awesome report!

Step 1: 

-Watch this video to understand how our clients are saving money with COGs and why it's important 



Step 2:

-Watch this video to understand counts, invoices, and how to save money with COGs


Step 3: 

-Congrats! You are saving money with the COGs report! 

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