How to save time with accounting!

Accounting can be one of the most time-consuming parts of running a restaurant. Most accountants spend their time manually inputting each invoice into their accounting software. A huge pain! With MarketMan, by setting up the expense account information one time, you eliminate all this manual work. 


Accounting teams are able to save HOURS on this process! On average between 2-5 hours per week, with some teams spending just 5-10 minutes per week on accounting. Some accountants have even been able to reduce the number of team members they need to just solely focus on accounting so they can use those people for other aspects of the business.


Check out the videos and information below to learn how you can save time with accounting! 


Step 1: 

- Watch this video to understand how you can save time with accounting in MarketMan


Step 2: 

- Watch this video to understand how to set up your accounting software and push invoices


Step 3: 

- Congrats! You are saving time with accounting! 

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