Xero Integration For chains - Setting up Tracking Categories


If you are using one Xero account to manage payables for all your locations you can integrate MarketMan HQ to Xero.


Once your MarketMan HQ is integrated with Xero you can set up Tracking Categories in your locations to track invoices by location.


HOW TO SET IT UP - Step by Step
  1. Login to your MarketMan HQ account and go to "Settings" ->"Company" 

  2. Make sure you are connected to the main Xero account, see below.

    If you are not yet connected to your main Xero account Click here to see how to connect


  3. Go to Xero - "Accounting" -> "Advanced" -> "Tracking Categories"


You will see the tracking categories you have set up in Xero.


**Xero has a limit of 2 tracking categories per account**


See below: 




  1. Go to MarketMan HQ - Click on your username top right and switch to the first location you want to set up.
  2. Once you are logged into the MarketMan Location go to "Settings" ->"Company" 

  3. Under Accounting, you will see the two tracking categories and options (no need to choose Xero as accounting software at the location), see below: 


  1. Go to Xero copy the Tracking Category name and paste it into the "Tracking Category Name" in MarketMan. Now go to Xero and copy the "Tracking Option" relevant to this MarketMan location, see below:


  1. Repeat for each one of your MarketMan locations. 


  2. You are all set and ready to export invoices from your MarketMan HQ account.


    ***Take note - If you have multiple Xero accounts covering Payables for some of your MarketMan locations you can set up Xero with Tracking from MarketMan HQ to cover for these locations.

    In addition, each MarketMan location can also be integrated directly with their own Xero account if needed*** 

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