How to Merge Menu Items

This article pertains to merging Menu Items and editing POS codes. It is not common to merge menu items, so please check with your Customer Success Manager before continuing! 


What is it doing?

MarketMan allows you to merge duplicate menu items. For example, your POS system has two buttons for French Fries, but only one has a recipe in MarketMan. You can merge these items to avoid building another recipe. 

Note: The two menu items must be exactly the same portion and price for merging to be used.


When should I use it?

  1. You updated your restaurant's menu for the new season
  2. You have installed a new POS system
  3. You have created duplicate menu items (example: take-out menu)
  4. A recipe is attached to a menu item without a POS code


How to merge menu items- Step by Step

  1. Go to Inventory> "Menu items"
    Then select the items you'd like to merge, and click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"



2. From the drop-down, select "Merge items"
and click "Continue"



3. Select the item that is considered the "main" item to sync. This is likely the item with the correct POS code. Then select the item with the recipe you want to be used.


*Note: While merging is simple, unmerging does require a few extra steps so double check your menu items before saving! 



4. Don't forget to SAVE! 



  • How do I edit a POS code?

- With our new merging option, there is no longer a need to manually edit a POS code! Simply merge the correct POS code item with the item you have built a recipe for!


  • What if I accidentally merge the wrong items? 

- It's important to check your menu items before merging as you may need to rebuild the recipe if done incorrectly. 

- Check out this article on splitting merged menu items 


  • I got a new POS system or added another location and have a lot of merging to do! 

- No problem! Check out how to bulk/Auto-Merge here 


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