How to save money with waste events!

Logging waste is one of many ways you can save money with MarketMan! By logging your waste in MarketMan you can understand: 

  1. Quality issues with products- if things are quickly expiring
  2. Over ordering- if you consistently have to throw things out because they went bad before they could use them
  3. Over producing- if you are making too much and throwing out prepared goods consistently
  4. For multi-location clients, you can also identify if maybe 1 location should order the product and then transfer if some locations can’t meet case minimums

You can track patterns such as a lot of waste on specific categories, specific reasons, specific items, and specific days of the week.


You can also use the waste report to see how much of your purchases you are wasting and how your waste compares to previous time periods which are super helpful analytics:

  1. Did someone new join the team and the waste spiked?
  2. Did you introduce a new menu item and the waste spiked? Maybe that wasn’t such a successful addition!


Waste is inevitable in a restaurant, but by keeping track of it through MarketMan you can understand the patterns, and make better decisions which leads to saving money. Check out the videos and information below to learn how you can save thousands per year by logging waste! 


Step 1: 

-Watch this video to understand why waste is important and how it will help save you money 

Step 2: 

-Watch this video to understand how to log waste and analyze the waste report 

Step 3: 

-Congrats! You are saving money with waste! 


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