MarketMan Set Up 101 - The ultimate guide for your first steps


What is it doing?

This guide will walk you through the set up process for your items and suppliers in MarketMan!

Why should I use it?

Each step below is hyperlinked with corresponding articles to help you along the way. We also included videos at the bottom for everything! If you need anything at all please reach out to us at

Inventory Items
  1. Firstly gather all your inventory items from your suppliers- you'll need the name of the item, product code, price, UOM, Unit Qty, Num of items in a pack, and the category

  2. Once you are ready to add this information into MarketMan, there are two methods: 
    In bulk
    One by one

  3. After items are in, you may want to edit them!
    Maybe you buy an item in multiple sizes, or from multiple suppliers.
    Maybe the UOM you want for your recipes is different than what you buy it in.
    Maybe you buy it in EA/Weight but measure in cups/tbsp/tsp in recipes.
    No matter the case, you can edit your items as needed.

  4. You can also edit in bulk!


Since your inventory items are now in the system, your suppliers should be as well!
Now it's just time to edit them.
Most importantly- you want to add in the contact details for your rep (email or cell phone number), add any cc emails for colleagues that want to be cc'd on orders, and the delivery dates/cutoff times! 

This is a crucial step before you start placing orders! 

Categories and storage areas  ENTER TITLE - WHAT'S IN HERE?
  1.  Categories will be used throughout MarketMan, and are huge for reporting. We hope you uploaded your items with categories already, but if you have new items or some items with no categories in MarketMan, just add categories to your items. You can do this in bulk!
    Note: If you are part of a multi-unit chain, these will be set up at the HQ.

  2. Storage areas will make inventory counts and even ordering so much easier!
    - First, you will create these areas,
    - Then you will assign them to your items.
    - You can even sort those areas later shelf-to-sheet if that helps!
    Note: If you are part of a multi-unit chain, these will be set up at the HQ.
Connecting your POS 
  1. Check out the current list of our POS partners
    Then follow the instructions on how to set it up, for some of them- like Square for example, you can set the whole thing up on your own!

  2. Once your POS is connected, all the menu items and sales will flow in automatically!
    If we don't sync with your POS - not to worry! You can always upload your sales instead. 

Set up users
  •  Every person from your business that's going to use MarketMan should have their own MarketMan login - this way you can always tell who did what and compliment the relevant party when credit is due.

  • You can set these up under the "settings" part.
    Note: If you are part of a multi-unit chain, you can do this both in HQ and the location
Daily Email 
  • The daily email is an awesome way for each user to customize exactly what they want to get updates about from MarketMan!
    Note: If you are a Chain-Manager the daily alerts will include all locations rolled up to one email.

  • Just go to settings, daily email, choose the time and the frequency of each alert. Make sure to press save!




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