Our Training Schedule For Single Locations - What to Expect?

Welcome to MarketMan!

Now that you are officially signed up, have your account created, and are ready to go, below is an outline of the onboarding process for a single location: 

1. Onboarding

The very first step after signing up with MarketMan is to log into your account! Your Sales Person will send you your account username and password directly! 
Now that your account is created, our onboarding team can begin the basic setup of your account! 

2. Account Setup

Inventory Items

Your inventory items are anything you buy from an external supplier- and they are the foundation of your MarketMan account. 
These are the items you will be ordering, counting, using to build recipes, etc.

Here's how to create the list of inventory items for the upload

Rather than you gathering and inputting this information into Marketman yourself, our team is here to help with the initial upload process. 

To get the info, you can send us one of the following, for each supplier: 

  • Login credentials to an online ordering portal
  • Price sheet from your supplier (preferably in Excel)
  • Recent invoices (enough to cover all of your items)

Next, our team pulls as much information as possible from everything you send over, and reformats it into an excel. We will send the excel back to you for approval and to fill in any missing information before uploading! 

Once we upload your approved items, there may be a few items here and there that were missed, but no worries at all! You can always add new items on your end, or even add it automatically when receiving an order!

Point of Sale

Connecting your POS system will send your sales and menu items into your MarketMan account! If you are using a POS system that integrates with MarketMan, we will help you connect that. 

If you use a POS that does not integrate with MarketMan, no worries! Our team will help upload your menu into MarketMan!
We will need your Product Mix report in an excel format. This report should include at least: 

  • Menu item name 
  • POS code (if applicable)
  • Retail Price 
  • Category
  • Qty sold
  • Total sales collected without tax

As for uploading your sales into MarketMan, your account manager will help show you how to do this! 

3. Training Sessions

There are 4 total training sessions for MarketMan. These training sessions are offered with our training team* and are also offered via live webinars each week! 

*Trainings may be purchased depending on account type

Trainings will cover the following topics: Click the links to get a head start! 

Account Setup Training - Overview and building your account
This includes basic user set up. You will add suppliers, build categories and storage areas, and learn how to manage your inventory items.

Daily Tasks - Day-to-day activities 
Go over everything you need to know about your day-to-day operations in MarketMan. This includes taking inventory counts, logging waste, placing and receiving orders, managing invoices, updating prices, and transfers (if you have multiple locations).

Account Manager Session - Reinforce Concepts
This personalized session aims to boost your confidence and proficiency in using the system effectively.
After completing initial training, you'll have a dedicated session with your Account Manager.
Your Account Manager will review and reinforce concepts from previous sessions while providing hands-on assistance.
Together, you'll ensure a smooth transition to advanced training.

Reports and Accounting - Learn your numbers!
Learn all about the main reports we have in MarketMan (COGS as an example), and sending invoices over to your accounting system in a click.
This training is best done once you have completed the day to day training and are using the system regularly so you have data in the system to analyze with your account manager!

Recipe Building- Final steps

How to build out your recipes and cost items. We'll start by going through preparations and batch recipes, and show you how to best utilize these.
Then, we'll tie everything to your menu items, cookbook and menu profitability report.

**It is important to either have your POS connected before your recipe-building training or to have sent your account manager your PMIX report so that your menu is in your MarketMan account and ready to go!

4. Commissary

Commissary Basics-

An overview of the commissary and customers. Learn to create any inventory items as sale items for anything that can be bought or sold.

Commissary Day to Day-

Learn to allocate items and pricing for each of your customers. Practice placing, sending, and fulfilling orders and running production events.

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