The following guide is for anyone who manages a vendor account in MarketMan! 


Each step below is hyperlinked with corresponding articles to help you along the way. If you need anything at all please reach out to us at



1. Add products to your catalog
  1. The very first step is adding products to your catalog! This gives your customers the ability to see those products, and add them to their own MarketMan account./li>
  2. Over time you will want to continually be updating the prices on these items to make sure everything in MarketMan is up to date and accurate./li>
2. Set up your customers
3. Receive orders and confirm them
  1. Once these steps are completed, your customers will be able to place orders to you which is awesome!
  2. Make sure to view, confirm, and edit these orders as needed.
4. Export orders to your accounting software

Once you've viewed, confirmed, and edited your orders for your customers, you can also export these to your accounting software to keep track of who owes you what.


Having a vendor account in MarketMan makes it super easy to keep track of all your orders in one place! 

If you need any help at all with any of the steps above, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at 

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