What is Invoice Scanning? 

Invoice scanning is one of the best features of MarketMan! It allows you to easily take or upload a picture of your invoice and have everything be taken care of for you: our team will receive the order for you, and add any new items (if any) to your inventory! 

The below is a guide on how to scan, and what to do after your invoices are processed. 

Step 1. Scan your invoices! 
  1. You can do this on the computer or the app 
    Check out the great video and steps in our article for more info.

  2. Our team, built from computers and real people, will process the scan for you.
    First, they'll check if they CAN process it for you:
    - Does this invoice exist already? Is the image not clear enough? Is the scan missing a page?
    Those and others could be the reason your scan will fail.

  3. If they can process it, the team moves on to the next task: entering the invoice and all items on it.
    The team is searching for each item first by the product code. If they cannot find the item by the product code, they'll search for the exact item name.
    If they cannot find it either, they'll add a new item for you! This way you never miss on new items that are added to your invoices.
    While receiving the invoices for you, the team will feed all of the price differences for your approve/reject - you still have full control!
Step 2. Checking scans after they are processed for new items/prices
  1. Take a look at any new items that have been added!
    From here you can add categories, storage areas, and merge them.

  2. Update any prices! As our team/technology processes your invoices, the price differences are collected into the Irregular prices report, where you can update/reject them in bulk, easily.

**We suggest doing this step every 2-3 days or even more frequently if you want!

Step 3. Rescan any invoices as needed

Check out Accounting, Scanned invoices to see any invoices that failed.

Common failed reasons: 
Wrong order scanned in = multiple invoices scanned in together. Make sure to scan 1 invoice at a time! 
Invoice already exists = that invoice is already in MarketMan 
Images are not clear = the image is not able to be read 
The date doc does not appear = there was no date on the invoice 
Missing pages/parts of the invoice = an important part (total, supplier, items, quantity, product code, etc.) of the invoice was cut off from the picture 
Wrong supplier = the wrong supplier's invoice was scanned in




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