Payments in MarketMan - BETA! ⭐️

Payments is only available in certain regions. Please contact our support team to see if you are eligible 

What is Payments? 

MarketMan allows you to pay your vendors directly from the platform! This is done via ACH or e-check, as well as via credit card! 

Why should I use it?
  1. No more writing checks or following up on credits, you can now pay your vendor directly from MarketMan
  2. Delegate payment tasks to managers without giving them full access to your bank account/signature authorization! 
    This is a perfect solution for payments-only permission, with the ease of ACH / e-check handling.
  3. Use the "Payments management" dashboard to follow up on your open balance, your due balance for the coming week or more, and everything that was already paid.
  1. Add payment methods
    Go to Settings > Company, then click on Manage payment method to add new accounts.
    You can also reach this setup when you're about to pay an invoice.
    Set up your own credit account, bank account, or eCheck information 
    This enables you to send money through MarketMan

  2. Set the approval flow for invoices
    Go to Settings > Company, then click on Approval flow customization
    This feature gives you the choice between having all your invoices automatically approved for payment or manually approving invoices as you go.

    We don't recommend auto-approve if you have a separate accounting team or bookkeeper. Instead, give them permission to edit and approve as needed. 


  3. Verify your suppliers
    Suppliers will have to be verified on our system first, to make sure all their information is correct and they are ready to receive your payments.
    To do that, we'll be sending them test "drops" of a few cents, and ask them for the mounts as confirmation. This usually takes up to 5 business days.

    Fill out this form with your supplier information, or have your supplier enter the details.
    Then contact your success manager to let them know - they'll take care of the setup for you!

  1. Go to Accounting > Invoices
    This is where you can see which invoices are awaiting approval, approved, or paid.

    You can approve invoices in bulk:

    Or individually when you click into the invoice:
  2. Once approved, you can pay the invoice individually, or pay a bunch of invoices in one transaction.
    Paying individually:
    Click on one invoice number to open the invoice, then click "Make a Payment".

    From here you can choose your method of payment and the amount.
    If you need to short-pay a vendor (if you were shorted items) you can do so here. if you pay a few invoices together, you'll have to pay the full amount!

    Paying in bulk - a few invoices in 1 check
    Go to Accounting > Invoices, and click the check the boxes next to the invoices you would like to pay.
    Then click on Actions > Bulk update > Make a payment

    Select the payment method, and confirm!


Permissions levels and Multi-Location HQ Management

For a multi-location business, payments can be managed by the Head Quarters or at the location level.

Managing Payments at the HQ Level: 
1. Log in to the headquarters and navigate to Settings > Company
2. Under the Accounting section you will see a payments checkbox and dropdown with the ability to define payments management by headquarters or location. 

Note: this can only be accessed by an HQ Admin user
3. Once activated for the HQ, the payments management option will appear under the accounting section.
4. If activated for the location level, each location will now see the payments management option under the accounting section. 

Approval flow customization 




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