What is it doing? 

 Waste event is the online equivalent to waste log in the kitchen.
Anything you throw away, dropped, expired, got contaminated or just the regular employee meal (if you're not logging it in your POS) - all those should be logged as waste to track it and account for it in the variance report (actual VS theoretical report)

Just like in real life, waste events can happen for inventory items/purchases (what you buy), sub-recipes/preparations (what you make in bulk), and menu items (what you sell on your menu through your POS).

Why should I use it?

Logging waste is one of the most critical components in MarketMan. It is an amazing way to see what items you are over-ordering and over-producing and one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your cost of goods!

  1. Keep track of what items you are wasting the most - use the waste report!

  2. Keep track of why you are throwing out/wasting items - again, use the waste report!
    Learn more about money-saving insights from your waste report.

  3. Deplete your inventory to have an accurate on hand usage

  4. Make sure all reports are accurate- this way you can narrow down any variances to their true cause/
    On the actual VS theoretical report, waste has its own column!

  5. You should log waste daily for the best results!
HOW TO LOG WASTE - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Waste events"
    Then click on "Add new"

  2. Add a date and a description - try to use the pre-entered ones for best visibility on the waste report
    But you can always add "other" and enter your own description.

  3. You can filter the items by category and by type, and use the open search box.
    If you have an inventory item and a menu item with the same name, the filters will help you make sure you are logging waste for the correct item.

  4. Add the quantities of each item you're throwing away.
    To view the final version, click on "view draft".
    Hint: You should see here everything you're throwing away for THIS reason on THAT date :)

  5. To add more items, click on "show all items".
    If you're done with this event, click on "Save"!

  6. Repeat this process for every reason
HOW TO LOG WASTE - On the app!
  1.  Whether you are a manager or employee you can log waste by clicking waste on the homepage
    IMG_4398.jpg              Image_from_iOS__3_.jpg

  2. Select a reason and date.

  3. Click on the "sort" icon to reveal the sorting availability: just like on the web you can sort by item type and categories. Then click the item to log the amount wasted. 
  4. When you're done with the items, click on View draft. You can add more items if needed, or just save.



Mastering Waste in a phone-less kitchen

Many kitchens do not let employees use their phones or any device during work.
We recommend keeping a waste log on paper (see attached) during the day and log all at the end of each day (or at the end of a few days, but daily recommended)

A paper log is also a great way to start logging waste if you haven't done it yet in your kitchen before. Pen and paper sometimes work best for implementing new habits!

Extra tips - from the experts!
  •  If you're logging the employee meals or dropped menu items on your POS do not enter those to MarketMan as a waste event as well- this will be a duplicate and you'll end up with wrong on-hand values.

  • If you prefer a paper-log, you can use this printer-friendly option!
    When you're copying from this log to MarketMan - group the items by reason. (you can do this at your own time, the system will update based on the even date) 

Logging Waste on the App!

Logging Waste on the Web!










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