Xero integration - Commissary sales delivery note export


What is it doing? 

MarketMan can integrate with Xero for easy exports of your delivery notes!
After a one-time setup, you can export your delivery notes ongoing in one click.

  1. Go to "Settings" > "Company information"

  2. On the right side under "Accounting", select "Xero" from the drop-down list,
    Click "Save" first and wait for the confirmation,
    Then click on "Connect to Xero":

  3. You'll be prompted by Xero to allow MarketMan access:
    Click “Allow access for 30 mins”
    Xero only allows access for a controlled period of time, so every time you're exporting invoices, you should repeat this step under "Settings" > "Company".
  4. Log out and log back in to continue with the setup - this is a one-time thing just for the first setup.

  5. Click on Map tax rates for exporting which is displayed under the Xero connection button.

    - Click on the "Sales" tab at the top of the page. 

    - Check which tax account is associated with your sales revenue - you can see that on the Chart of Accounts in Xero. Then copy and paste the tax rate name into MarketMan:

    - Don't forget to hit "save"!
      With our Xero integration in place, you can now sync your Delivery notes to Xero in a click! 

  1. Login to Xero and setup your commissary customers as contacts. Make sure the name in Xero is the EXACT same as the name of the customer in MarketMan.

  2. Generate the first invoice via Xero, for the contact to become a customer in Xero, see below: 

    In MarketMan:

  3. Go to "Customers" > "Customers" and click on the customer name.
  4. Scroll down to the accounting part, under "accounting name" and put the name as you see below.

    Copy the Revenue account name for your sales as it appears in Xero, see below: 

    Do this for all of your customers!
HOW TO EXPORT - Step by Step!
  1. Go to "Order fulfillment" > "Delivery notes" and select the delivery notes you want to export.
    You can use the search boxes and filtering options with the select all button on the top left to do it in a few clicks!
  2. Then click on "Actions" > "Export to Accounting"

    After exporting, the most-right column "export to accounting" status will change to Yes!
    This will also prevent you from exporting the same delivery note twice.

All delivery notes exported from your commissary account will be allocated under sales overview tab in Xero. 

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