How do I map my tax rates?


What is tax mapping? 

 MarketManallows you to send the tax charged on an invoice to a specific tax account in your accounting software. This way you can easily follow up on that tax and see it separately than the food costs.

Note: This is only applicable if you use Xero, Quickbooks Online, or Quickbooks Desktop and you are in a tax-supported account. If you have any questions please email your account manager or

HOW TO - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Settings" > "Company"
    Click on "Map tax rates for exporting" on the bottom of the right side.
  2. Type in the information exactly like it is in your accounting software
    Please make sure this is from your tax account list, not just the chart of accounts! 
    **If you are using QB Desktop, it is the actual tax code not the description that needs to be used. Typically this is just one letter!


  3. Don't forget to hit "save"!







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