What are Credit Reminders doing? 

Credit Reminders are automatically created for you in MarketMan when one of two things happen:

1) The price current price in MarketMan is different from what is reflected on your most recent invoice
2) You did not receive an item or were "shorted" what was requested and paid for

Why should I use it?
  1. The credit reminders feature in MarketMan helps you track the price discrepancies and get refunds from your suppliers when needed!
  2. Balance your invoices properly when credit is due
  1. While receiving orders, whether by you, manually, or by our team after you scan an invoice,
    MarketMan will automatically create a credit every time a price is changed, or if you were shorted.
  2. You'll notice the invoice indicating the credit with a red underline and a credit column with a checkmark. You could also update the price right from the receiving page if needed.
  3. If you do not want to receive a credit for this invoice, you can simply remove the checkmark next to credit. This will remove the open credit from the bottom of the invoice, and from the list.
  1.  You can send the credit request right from the invoice to the supplier, or at the end of the week/month from Accounting > Credit reminders
  2. On the Credit reminders list you'll see all the open credits - what you're still owed.
    If you see a lot of irrelevant items on this list, you should handle the Irregular prices report first.
  3. You can use the select all button here, per supplier, and send the credit requests in bulk.
     MarketMan will create and send an Excel to your supplier, detailing everything they needs to know about the credit you're asking for.
  4. MarketMan will pull up the email we have on file for this supplier, but you can change that email or add more than 1 as needed (just separate with a comma and no space)
  5. When you get the credit from your supplier on the next invoice while receiving this invoice you can apply the credit!
    Click on Actions > Add credit from list
    MarketMan will pull up all of your open credits for this supplier, from any date before this invoice.
    The credit will be applied to the item as a negative qty item on the invoice:
  6. If you do not want to apply the credit to an invoice you can set those credit reminders as handled under the credit reminders list.
    Select the credits you received, then click on actions > Set as handled
Handling credits from scanned invoices
  1. Start your way with the irregular prices report. Once you've handled all the prices and all of them are either Accepted or Rejected, head to Accounting > Credit reminders

  2. Once you have cleared out the list and you have only the real due credits, follow the steps to get your credits and apply them!
Extra tips - from the experts!
  •  To see your handled credits, un-tick the "open credits" box:
  • If you want to set a specific supplier to never create auto-credits for price changes, you can easily do that on the supplier setup!
    Go to Suppliers > Suppliers, then click on the supplier's name. Scroll all the way down and make sure you uncheck the box of Create refund note for price differences
    This will have to be done per location for multi-locations. Credits will still be created for items that you are shorted on.


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