Supplier by week - Excel report

What is the Supplier by Week report showing?

This report enables you to generate an excel of how much you are spending weekly with all of your suppliers. You can do that based on orders or invoices.

To run this report, you'll need to order and/or receive orders in MarketMan.

Why should I use it?
  1. See how much you are spending week over week with your suppliers

  2. See how much you are spending week over week per supplier category

  1. Go to "Reports" > "Supplier by week"
    The first thing we're going to do is set the parameters for the report.

  2. Select the month you want to export, and then select which information to pull into the report - orders (estimated expenses) or invoices (final expenses)
     If you are a chain manager in HQ - you'll also need to choose the location you want to look at.

  3. In the Excel, you'll see details per category, per supplier.
    It shows you the totals ($) and the percentages.
    Important: The categories are based on the default category for the supplier, not the inventory item categories. You can control / change this up under the supplier details.
Mastering Calculated Ordering Use Goals!

When you're setting up Goals on the dashboard, they will reflect here on the report as well and will give you the indication whether you're within the percentage goal or not.

For multi-location with HQ: you can export this report in comparison with the chain goals and/or your location goals.


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