What is it doing?

You can schedule orders ahead of time, or set an automated order to go out every week, based on your needs for the week/day. MarketMan will send this order automatically one hour before the cut-off time.

Why should I use it?

1. Save time on ordering the same items over and over - just set it, and forget it :)

2. Place your orders ahead of time (great for events and before holidays) to allow your supplier enough time to prepare for fulfilling your order. Never stay short of anything last minute!

Note: This feature is also available for all Commissary accounts including API accounts! 


HOW TO - Step by Step

Before you can use weekly orders it is crucial that you have all your inventory items set up and that you have all your suppliers set up. If you have questions about either of these check out their respective FAQ articles.

  1. Go to Orders > Weekly schedules
    If you cannot find this under "Orders" - please contact your success manager to open this in your account!
  2. Click "Create a new schedule"
  3. Select your supplier and the start date.
    Since this is a weekly schedule, the dates will show a full week (Mon-Sun)

  4. Fill out how much you need of each item!

    - This is all per case, based on how you have the inventory item set up.
       So a case of mushrooms is (10 x 8 oz) but in here you'll write 1.

    - As you fill up your cart make sure you are doing so for the correct date.
    - The dates that are grayed out (Saturday and Sunday in this case) are based on the delivery dates and cut off times you have set up for the Supplier.

    - The dates at the top are delivery dates - and the orders get sent out 1 hour before cut off time automatically


  5. Click "View Draft" (top right) once you are done, and review the final order
  6. Double-check and click "Schedule orders"!
    In a chain - once a weekly schedule has been set up the managers of the location will also all get email notifications.

Mastering this feature Editing / deleting an existing schedule

 Weekly schedules in MarketMan are something very powerful. It is best to be careful and make sure that you are placing orders correctly and only for the items and cases you need!

If you need to edit it at all, you can do so directly here or by clicking "Edit" (top right)
You can make adjustments to the future orders at any point, up until 1 hour before cut off time.


  • Important To Know!
    If the user who created the weekly schedule is deleted from the account, the schedule will be deactivated. 
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