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How do I see the list of the orders I received from customers?

Go to "Orders" > "Orders list" to see all of your orders.

You can also use "Orders without delivery notes" to sort through the list of outstanding orders that still need your action!

How do I confirm an order?

Go to "Orders" > "Orders list"

Any action you take with the order will confirm it- allowing your customer to know you received the order. Wether you click "view" on the right column, print the order, or export to accounting - the order will be marked as confirmed!

How do I update prices for my customers?

Using the "Price levels" feature is the best way to update and control prices for your catalog items. You can do this in bulk via Excel upload, or manually by changing the percentage / a specific item price.

How do I setup tax for products in my catalog?

If you're located in a country that requires tax collection, you'll have the ability to set up tax levels per item on your catalog.

The available tax levels vary between locales. If you believe you should see a tax rate that's not available- please reach out to your success manager or to 

My vendor is interested in using MarketMan, can they?

Absolutely! We have an entire vendor module that will help them with:

  • Decreasing errors in ordering, since they have a dashboard to see everything on!
  • Catalog items and prices updated in real-time
  • Decrease the time needed for order handling: No reason to email, call, text, or fax orders anymore!
  • Save time on accounting: No data entry as they can export everything in a click!

 If you are interested in getting them set up, contact your success manager or

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