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Can you build my recipes for me?

If you're interested in learning more about having our team build recipes for you, check out this article!


How do I add new menu items?

If your POS is connected to MarketMan you should never need to add items on your own. All new items would flow in automatically at the end of the day.
You can still add new items by clicking on "Add" at the top right- 
then just make sure to add the menu item name and the "Retail price", then follow the steps above to create the recipe.

My recipe UOMs are different than my inventory UOMs

It is common that you order an item by volume or in EA but you use it in recipes by weight.
No problem at all!
You can set up your inventory items to be ordered by one UOM and use it all over (counts, recipes) by a different UOM. Read all about it in this article

Another option would be to convert an inventory item's UOM- from EA/weight to cups, tbsp, tsp.
How to convert

If needed- you can always make a sub-recipe for a conversion.
For example, if you use half a jar of sugar in many of the recipes, you can create a sub-recipe for "Half a jar of sugar", and enter the weight of the sugar needed to fill half a jar. In all the recipes, you'll be able to use this sub-recipe as an ingredient!


What happens if my preparation yield changes?

You can always change the yield of your sub-recipes and preparations to reflect the new yields.
we recommend taking a good average instead of changing the yield constantly. (weigh the items at least 2-3 times to get an average you're comfortable with)

Changing the yield is needed when: the inventory item was changed and the same process is now yielding a different quantity, or when the recipe/process was changed and the yield is different.

Can I add Labor to my recipe costs?

Whether it be a Commissary or a location it is common to try and add labor costs to your recipes.
This can easily be achieved in MarketMan by having an inventory item called "labor"!

  1. Go to "Inventory" > " Inventory items"
    And add a new item called "Labor - Minute" (pick your favorite supplier to host this item. it doesn't matter which one, just make sure to remove the count checkmarks and remove it from the orders)
  2. For the UOM - we'll use 1 "EA" - where 1 refers to 1 minute.
    The price of 1 minute should be the average pay for workers, per minute.
    So if your average labor cost is $15 per hour you would set up the item like this ($15/60 = .25)

  3. In the recipes just add the "labor" ad ingredient, and the amount of minutes it takes to make this batch / dish. If you already added the prep time and cook time- those could help you determine how many minutes you need to set as labor time.
    If more than 1 person is required for the job, remember to multiply the qty of minutes!

How do I export recipe costs?

You can export your preparations or menu items into excel to see your food costs for each item in a click!
Go to "Menu items" or "Sub-recipes / Preparations" and click on the arrow down button.
If you filter to view only a specific category, the export will include only that category.

You can export to PDF or to Excel, from both screens!

Can I re-arrange the ingredients in my recipe?
  • The order of recipe ingredients can be customized to the order in which you use them!
    Example: First ingredient is dough, then sauce, then cheese.

    Open up your menu item recipe and click the sort icon to enable drag and re-arrange the ingredients


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