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What is the difference between a menu item and an inventory item?

A Menu Item is a sale item on the menu of your restaurant.
If MarketMan is connected to your POS, your menu Items will automatically sync. Menu items provide you with the ability to build recipes for them. An example of a menu item would be pepperoni pizza, or a cup of fresh orange juice.

An Inventory Item is anything you buy from your suppliers. This could be anything from produce to paper goods. An example of an inventory item would be the case of oranges you buy from your supplier, to make that orange juice. 

Can I use MarketMan on my phone or tablet?

Absolutely! MarketMan has dedicated iOS and Android apps, and we encourage you to use them!

Visit your app store to download the latest version. It's free!
The same username will work for you on the app, and if you even forget it just click on "Forgot password" and we'll send the new one right over via email!

What to do if your user license is expiring

If you see the "license expired" banner on the bottom of the MarketMan screen, this usually means there's a billing issue that needs sorting out.
Please reach out to your sales or success manager, if you have their information. If not, email us at support@marketman.com so we can help you as soon as possible!

Can I use MarketMan with multiple locations?

Yes! MarketMan supports restaurants, bars, and other businesses ranging from one location up to hundreds of them. We have a special account we call "HQ" to manage all of your locations in one place.

If you are interested in using MarketMan with multiple locations reach out to your success manager or to support@marketman.com so we can help get this set up for you!

How do I add another location to my account?

Congratulations on expanding! To add another location to your MarketMan account, contact your success manager or email us at support@marketman.com. There's a short technical process to convert your account from a single to HQ with locations.

This must be done on the backend, but it's a very quick process!

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