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What does it mean when the invoice is "Not fully allocated"?

In the Accounting section, you can see if the invoice has been fully allocated. This is done automatically by MarketMan to compare the total (entered manually) of the invoice/delivery note with the grand total of the items. 
If the totals do not match - this probably indicates a typo or a credit issue, so the invoice is marked as "not fully allocated" and you won't be able to export it to accounting software or pay it, until you allocate the non-matching totals.

The default allowed deviation is up to $3, which means that if an invoice of $100 was added but the products total was only $98.50 (for a tax, rounding, or other reason) the system will allow this.
If the total deviation is more than $3 then it will appear as not fully allocated.
You can change the allowed deviation amount under "Settings" > "Company".

What should I enter under "Tax account name" for the supplier?

When exporting to your accounting software MarketMan allows you to fill out the information of a specific tax account (unlike regular expense accounts) in your accounting software.
This way when tax is charged from this supplier, it will show up under taxes part of your P&L.
This is not a mandatory field, so if your supplier is not charging you any tax, you can leave it empty.

I added new expense accounts in Quickbooks, why can't I see them in MarketMan?

Some accounting softwares require manual sync of new accounts.
go to "settings" > "Company" and click on the sync button next to your software name / icon:

Wait for the confirmation message and go back to setting up your suppliers / categories. You should have the new account ready now!

I'm using classes in Quickbooks / Xero - can I set this up in MarketMan?

Yes you can!
Depending on your accounting software, you will have available a "class" field to fill out both on the supplier setup and category setup.

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