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Can I hide items from the ordering list?

Yes, you can! And you can even do it right from here on the ordering screen!

  • Hover over the item and click on the little pencil to edit it.
  • Go to "advanced" on the bottom, then click on the pencil to edit the purchase option.
  • Remove the check-box next to "for orders"

Check out this article about the bulk options!

What does the pin in the place order screen do?

On the ordering screen, you'll see pins next to each item.
If the pin is gray you can click on it and turn it green. This will pin that inventory item to the top of your order screen, and you can control the sort on the "Sort items" page.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel any order you placed on MarketMan BEFORE it was received.
go to "Orders" > "Order history" and click on the order number you'd like to cancel.

On the top, click on "cancel".
You'll be prompted to type in the word "CANCEL" to confirm this, so you're safe to never cancel an order by mistake! You can also select whether or not to send a cancellation email/text to your supplier directly from MarketMan.

Can I see / edit an inventory item while ordering?

Yes, you can! 
Hover over the item, you'll see a light grey pencil icon coming up.
Click on the pencil, and the inventory item pop-up will come up for you to view and edit as needed!

Can I add a new item to MarketMan while ordering?

Yes, you can! At the top of the ordering screen, click on "Actions" > "Add new product".
This will open up the inventory item pop-up for you to create!

**This is only available for single accounts. If you're part of a multi-location chain with Hq please reach out to your chain manager to add any new items.

How can I order half a case?

It is common that a supplier will allow you to break or split a case. MarketMan allows two ways to do this!

  1. Set up a merged inventory item with 2 sizes
    For example: Potato 50lb, Potato 25lb - both merged together as "Potato, lb"
  2. Change the Min order quantity for the item:
    Open the item pop-up. You can do this from the inventory items page or from the ordering screen!

    Click the arrow on the right hand side, then click additional settings. In the "Min order qty" field, enter your minimum, then save!

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