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Can multiple people take inventory counts at the same time?

YES! This is actually also a great way for you to combine the count of items in a few storage areas.
Make sure every person is using a SEPARATE count sheet (every user goes into "Inventory" > "Inventory counts" and clicks on "add") - you can use their names as a description for the count to easily tell who counted what.
Do not attempt to have a few people using the same sheet, it's never a good idea!

On the inventory counts page- you'll see separate counts, but all over the reports, the information will be combined per inventory item. Check out your Inventory count value, COGs or actual VS theoretical report!

Can I count my house-made batch recipes on my weekly/monthly count?

Yes! Just click into your sub-recipe or preparation, and mark it for count just like you would with an inventory item. 



Can I add a nickname to count with?

Yes! You can click into the inventory item and then add a nickname! Then you can choose that nickname for your inventory counts as an option if you would like- just check the box if you would like to count it that way.



Then you'll be able to see that on the desktop and mobile counts too!

How can I edit inventory counts from the previous month?

After the 5th of every month, inventory counts from the month before are automatically locked. This is by design to prevent unintentional changes after possibly sending information to your accounting team!

You'll know the inventory count is locked because all the boxes will be greyed out and you won't have the ability to edit. 

However, we can enable editing for any user that needs it!
Just reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us: and we can assist! 
Once you have this permission available for your user, you'll be able to unlock the count right when you open it:

How do I delete an inventory count?

Inside the count sheet ("Inventory" > "Inventory counts")
Click on "Actions"  >"Delete".

** You cannot undo this, so be very careful when deleting, and make sure you're not deleting a count you might need!
You can always export the count sheet first to be on the safe side. Just click on the Excel icon and then click "Export count sheet" :) 



If you don't see this available on your account, please reach out to your account manager or to add this permission for your user.

 Can I count offline and import a count sheet into MarketMan?

You can, but it's a very specific format, so be careful!

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory count", and click on "add count" to open a new count sheet.
  2. Click on the Excel icon on the top right, then click on "Export count sheet"
  3. Fill out this file - this is the only file format you can upload later into MarketMan.
    Please note the multiple lines per item, depending on the available count units.
  4. When you're done counting on the Excel, get back into the count you opened,
    Click on the Excel icon and then "Import count sheet".
  5. Select the file you've just updated, and click on "Upload". 
    Wait for the confirmation message, and don't forget to hit "save"!






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