Inventory items - FAQ

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What is UOM?
UOM stands for Unit Of Measurement.
What UOMs does MarketMan offer? See the details HERE.

What do I do if I get an inventory item in multiple sizes / from multiple suppliers?

You should have an item for each supplier, then merge those items together


Why do I get alerts about stock being low?

If you have your "Min on hand" set at a threshold you will automatically get text message notifications when the on-hand level drop below that amount! 
To stop those alerts, go into the item and remove/adjust the "Min on hand" qty.

How do I edit the inventory item's name? (Friendly Name)

There are 2 names you can edit for items - the internal name (= used on reports, counts, recipes)
and the purchase name (= used on orders and invoices)

  1. To edit the internal name, you'll want to edit the name up at the top under the word "Inventory item". The purchase name is under the purchase options, and you can click on the arrow to open the purchase details and change that.
    We do not recommend changing purchase names, you should only do that if the name was entered incorrectly or in a way that's making it hard to order/receive.
    Generally, you should always have the name that appears on the invoices as the purchase name. 

  2. The nickname is something you can add to the individual purchase option: 


How can I update the price for an item?

Your prices will automatically update when you're approving new prices on invoices! If you're scanning your items, or part of a multi-location chain with HQ, the price differences will be entered into the Irregular Prices report, and accepting the prices there will change the prices of your items.

If you wish to change the prices manually, you can easily do that by clicking into the items and changing the price individually, or by using our price upload from Excel feature.

I buy items by weight (lb/kg) - How do I set this up?

You can easily set up prices by weight (or by any unit). We suggest setting up items to be priced by UOM that are catchweight items like meat, seafood, or dairy items. 
Next to the price, make sure you're setting it up to be per the UOM (per lb, per kg, per EA)

How do I export inventory items?
  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items", and click the arrow down on the top right.
  2. The second way to export inventory items is through the Suppliers tab.
    Go to "Suppliers" > "Suppliers" and click on "Actions" > "Download supplier catalog"

What does it mean "Not validated" on inventory items?

This is all about allergens setup! It is not a mandatory field, so unless you need/want to set your allergens, you can ignore it :)
You can set the allergens for this item by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side. That will bring up the allergens page where you can tell MarketMan which allergens this item contains, may contain, or does not contain. Then you should mark as validated once you are done! mceclip10.png



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