Actual VS Theoretical Report Cheat Sheet - Make sure you're 100% correct


What is it doing?

The actual VS theoretical report is taking into account EVERYTHING you do in MarketMan:
- Your invoices
- Your counts (you must have at least 2 counts to run this report)
- Your waste events
- Your production events 
- Your recipes 
- Your sales

This, of course, leaves some room for human error;
A count that was entered incorrectly, a missing invoice, a recipe that's not accurate (or been updated in real life but not yet in MarketMan)

Analyzing your numbers

There are 6 primary causes for Variance between your actual and theoretical usage:

1. Waste - Make sure to log any unused or expired product! 
2. Portioning - Either too much or too little. Are your recipes accurately representing the portions chefs create for each dish?
3. Unrecorded Sales - All food should be rung into the POS even employee meals! 
4. Receiving Error - Are all invoices scanned and correct, all transfers logged?
5. On-Hand Inventory Errors - It's important to have a regular schedule when counting inventory to avoid mistakes
6. Theft - Unfortunately theft happens, and if all the above numbers prove to be accurate, theft may be the answer. 

HOW TO - Step by Step

This sheet is like a map, where you can find lots of different problems/situations at the top/sides and then solutions at the bottom!

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