What is the report showing?

This report will show you the total purchases (= total invoices in MarketMan) per supplier, giving you an in-depth look into how much you are purchasing per supplier. There are two main sections- the graph and the table- that will allow you to drill deeper into how the spending across your restaurant is split between your suppliers. 

To run this report, you'll need to have to receive at least 1 order in MarketMan.

For multi-location accounts with HQ, if you're using transfers, those will show up as purchases as well.

Why should I use it?

See all your purchases broken out by supplier, date and week.
This is a great way to understand and analyze your spending!

  1. Go to "Reports" > "Purchases by supplier"
    At the top of the report, you can choose the time frame you want to look at, and filter to a specific supplier if you would like!

    TOP: Graph view:
  2. You can choose if you want to see the graph by supplier, date, or week by clicking the filters at the top. The tax button on the top right-hand side will allow you to choose if you want to see the totals with or without tax.
    For chain managers in HQ of a multi-location: you can segment by buyers as well.

  3. Depending on your account type, you might see additional slicing options with radio buttons.
    This will show you the totals, sliced by supplier, for example. When hovering over each slice, you'll see the details and totals in a tooltip:

    BOTTOM: Table view: 
  4. The chart on the bottom part reflects the selected view on the top.
    When you view the graph per supplier, the bottom list will show you the totals per supplier, for the selected time.
    When you view per date or week, it will show you the total spending per date / week, respectively.
Extra tips - from the experts!
  • Keep in mind this report is based on the invoices you received aka your purchases. It is not based on the orders you sent! We have a bunch of ordering reports for that (orders by supplier, item, and category) if that's what you are looking for. 

  • To see the purchasing details per items, you can use our "Purchase by items" report!

  • If you're looking to understand your costs and dive into the steps you can take to save money, you should use our COGs report. Here's how to save money with MarketMan, in 3 steps!


Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions at support@marketman.com 
Or feel free to join our reporting webinar!

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