What is the report showing?

This report is automatically collecting in all of your orders that were not yet received in MarketMan, indicating the open orders that still need to be received by your team.

Receiving orders is one of the most important tasks in MarketMan, since this is what feeds most of your reports and affects the on-hand calculation.

Why should I use it?
  1. Track employees' tasks: easily check if they're entering the invoices on time.
    This is especially helpful for multi-locations!
  2. If any of your orders were removed from the "receiving orders" list, you can still follow up on the ones awaiting receiving from the Open Orders report.
  1. Go to "Reports" > "Open orders"
    This report is automatically showing you the open orders for this month, but you can change the date range at the top. you can also filter by supplier to narrow the list down.
  2. This report will show you the list of orders, with additional details:

    - Delivery Date = the date the order was delivered on
    - Sent Date = the date the order was placed on
    - If an order says "Yes" under "Removed from list" - that means the location took it off the
      received orders page

  3. You can also download this list if you want to take further actions internally and make sure all orders are being received on time. Just click on the arrow down button on the top right!



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