Remove items from the order screen - active and inactive under order status


What is "Active" or "Inactive" doing? 

In order to control the list of items available on the ordering screen, we have the "active" / "inactive" status per item, to give you the full control over which items the users can order. Active means you can order the item and Inactive means you cannot order this item. 

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"
    You'll see a column on the right-hand side that says Order Status. This is letting you know if the item is available for orders or not! 

To update this in bulk:

  1. Select the item(s) you want to remove from the ordering page, then click on "Actions" > "Bulk update"  > and select "Set / Unset for orders"
  2. To remove items from the ordering screen, pick "Unset for orders" and click "save"!
    To add items back to the ordering page, pick "Set for orders" and hit "save"!

To update this individually, per item:

  1. Click on the inventory item to open the pop-up and click the arrow on the very right hand side to open the purchase details
  2. Click Additional settings to expand those details and then toggle off the ordering option. If ordering is disabled the button will be grey like it is shown below. If ordering is enabled it will be green to show it is ready to be ordered. 
  3. Once you are there you'll see a "For orders" box.
    If this is checked the item is available for orders and active.
    If this is unchecked the item is not available for orders and is inactive.

 Mastering order control - Controlling orders for merged items

If you have multiple purchases for an inventory item (an item that comes in multiple sizes or from multiple suppliers) you have the option to edit this for each purchase!
Simply follow the steps for individual updating above to determine and setup which items are active or inactive for ordering / receiving.



I stopped working with one of my suppliers, what should I do?

No need to change the ordering status per item!

  • Go to "suppliers" > "Suppliers"
    And click on the supplier you don't want to order from, going forward.
  • Select "Not for orders" in the middle under "orders"
    and hit "save"!
  • DO NOT CLICK "DISCONNECT" - this will remove ALL of your items and history!mceclip1.png
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