What is Switch User doing?

When you have multiple locations under one HQ, you can log in to any location or user you want directly from your HQ!

Simplify your work with MarketMan by using only one login for all of your needs!

  1. When you're logged into HQ, click your name at the top right, then click "Switch user"


  2. The next screen will show you all the available manager-type users, for each location.
    Pick the user you want to log in as, and click on "login" next to it.
  3. Once logged into the location, you'll see an indication to where you are on the top right.
    By clicking it, you can choose to log back into HQ (one-click)
    Or switch to another location (will take you back to select user for login)
HOW TO SWITCH USER - On the app!
  1. While using your HQ login on the app, you'll see a large green button "Switch to a location"
  2. Once clicked, you can select which user to log in as, (or just back to your HQ app dashboard)
Mastering HQ Roles and access - Location setup directly in the HQ!

You can reach the locations' view of items and menu items, to reach all settings directly from the HQ with no need to even switch user at all.
For example, when on the "inventory items" page, you can select to view items as a specific buyer - this will give you access to the location's local setup like storage areas, accounting, etc, directly from the HQ with no need to switch between account logins.

  1.  Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items" and click on the name of your chain to reveal the location selection drop-down:mceclip6.png
  2. Once you have selected a specific location:
    - Only the items in assortments available for this location will show up on the list
    - You'll be able to access bulk-update settings of locations:
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