What is the MarketMan cookbook? 

MarketMan automatically collects all of your recipes into a beautiful cookbook- which is accessible on the web and on the app, as well as available for printing. 

**Cookbook is only available to select plans
If this page is not available for you, please email your success manager or support@marketman.com

Why should I use it?
  1. Get a beautiful, printable cookbook on the go, as you build your recipes in MarketMan!
  2. Great training tool for new employees - you can have an iPad in the kitchen to help them, or just print out the recipes for them to follow.
  3. Create a collection of all recipes and batch recipes in one place, accessible from anywhere!


To manage your cookbook, MarketMan gives you full control over which recipes will show in the cookbook and which will be hidden. It is importnt to remember, removing items from the cookbook does NOT affect the recipes, it is only affecting which recipes are included in the book.
For multi-locations with HQ - this must be set up in the HQ!

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Cookbook"
    You'll see on the list all of the menu items that have a recipe built for them, and all of your batch recipes whether those are sub-recipes or preparations.
    You can control the view of this page, and toggle between a list and images:

  2. The categories selection on the top allows you to sort multiple categories in/out the view of this page. De-selected categories will turn white:
    This doesn't control the cookbook on mobile or for other web users.

  3. To remove categories/items from the cookbook completely, click on "Edit" at the top right.
    The editing mode will allow you to remove, or move around any category and item.
    For example, you might want to remove your "beer" category from the list.
    You can click on the trash icon to remove a category from the list
    Or click on the cross-arrows icon and drag the category up/down the list to position as needed.
    To bring back a "deleted" category, click on the trash can icon again, it will pop back on the list!

  4. You can do the same for individual items, in a list view, or image view:

  5. When you're done organizing the cookbook, don't forget to scroll all the way up and hit "save"!
    after saving, the deleted items/categories will not show on the list. But when you click on "Edit" they'll be there ready to restore as needed.

  6. The order of recipe ingredients can be customized to the order in which you use them!
    Example: First ingredient is dough, then sauce, then cheese.

    Open up your menu item recipe and click the sort icon to enable drag and re-arrange the ingredients. This order will flow into your cookbook pages

HOW TO USE THE COOKBOOK - On the web and the app!

The Cookbook is available through the MarketMan Mobile app! 

We recommend having the MarketMan Cookbook open on a tablet in your BOH for chefs and wait staff to view at all times!

1. To open on the app click the More tab. 

2. Filter through recipe types like menu items or preparations.  You can even assign favorites! 

3. View the item recipe and any allergens! 





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