What is it doing? 

Production events in MarketMan allow you to manage your batch productions and to follow the inventory depletion. You'll run production events on your Preparations and you can do this from your phone, computer, or tablet!
If you're part of a multi-location chain, you'll be doing this in the locations, and the reports in HQ will roll up the totals of all locations.

Why should I use it?
  1. Track the on hand levels of inventory items and preparations
    Preparations get their own line on the reports, they're a house-made inventory item!

  2. Manage prep work in the kitchen - you can easily divide the work between employees, and even print out a prep list and recipes for the needed quantities.

  3. Get alerts when you're running low on a preparation (if you set min-on-hand for the preparation)
HOW TO - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Production events"
    Then click on "add" to add a new one, or click on any of the events on the list to edit an existing.
  2. Add a description - can be anything you want. Possible a name of the person who's going to prep it
    Then you can search for a specific item, filter by category or storage area:

  3. Add qty for prep, just like in the inventory counts- make sure you're adding it to the correct unit!
    Don't forget to hit "Save"!

  4. From here, you can click "Actions" > "Recipe" to get the exact measurements needed for preparing the needed quantity.
    This means that even if your recipe is for a 5gal batch, in case you need only 2 gal batch, MarketMan will print out the exact recipe for you.
    We can now easily print the production log with the raw ingredients we need and mark each line as produced once the preparation has been made!
HOW TO - On the app!
  1.  If you are a Manager production events will be under the inventory tab. As an employee production events can be accessed on the homepage. Image_from_iOS__5_.jpg  IMG_4398.jpg

  2. Enter a description (best would be the maker's name) and fill out how much you made of each batch then press save!

Mastering Production - MarketMan Commissary / Central Kitchen

 Do you have a kitchen/warehouse providing items to your locations and other private/business buyers?
MarketMan offers a full solution for central kitchens with the ability to add as many customers as you need, track all incoming orders and handle production, delivery notes, and accounting- alongside a full MarketMan account just like you have now- with the ability to order, count and scan invoices.

Learn more about this here - contact support@marketman.com


Production Events Report

The Production Events Report allows you to view a breakdown of all items made by date, quantity, and value of ingredients. 

Under the reports dropdown:

Click into any item to see the quantity breakdown! 


Extra tips - from the experts!
  • You can now set up min on hand levels to get notified when you are running low on a preparation and need to produce more 

  • In the production description, you can add a worker's name - this way on the app they see right away the list of preps based on their name:
  • Duplicating events is a great way to save time and energy for daily production events
    Inside the event just click on "Actions" > "Duplicate".



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