Preparations and Sub-Recipes


  What is it?

There are three different types of recipes in MarketMan:

  • Preparations = batch made in-house 
  • Sub-Recipes = batch made in-house
  • Menu items = button from your POS.
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If you're working in a commissary/CPU/Central kitchen - check out this article!



When should I use a Preparation / Sub-recipe?

Both sub-recipe and preparation are things that you make in bulk, in house. This can be pizza dough, tomato sauce, slices of tomatoes, or even kits of napkin-fork-knife. 
You can also count both types - the only difference is the way MarketMan is calculating the inventory levels.

1. Sub-Recipe:
A sub-recipe is a batch recipe you make in-house or a bulk item that you portion per order.
When a menu item is sold, the ingredients that are inside the sub-recipe (that's inside the menu item) are depleted. 
Subrecipes deplete under the assumption that the recipe is always available/instock 
Example: When you build a Pepperoni Pizza, sauce and dough are typically made in bulk and then portioned for each pizza. Instead of having to add all of the dough and tomato sauce ingredients, you'll add those into a sub-recipe in the form of 1 portion.

This is also the way to go if you're pre-cutting or portioning items.
Example: If you purchase several pounds of ground beef, portion them into individual burgers, then store until ready to use.

2. Preparation:
A preparation in MarketMan is a batch recipe made in-house (similar to a sub-recipe) however, preparations must be counted with inventory counts and production events must be run in order to deplete the inventory used to make the recipe. 
This means, every time you make that preparation recipe, you must run a production event to tell MarketMan you made that item (For multi-locations, preparations can be produced at the locations level)

Example: Sunday my chefs make a batch of clam chowder that will be heated to order throughout the week. To keep track of on-hand levels of this chowder, mark the item as a preparation, and run a production event of how much was made Sunday.

Note: Preparations are optional but provide the most accurate on-hand levels of batch recipes. We recommend starting all batch recipes as sub-recipes and moving them to preparations once you are comfortable with the process, as it can not be reversed. 

3. Reporting for Sub-Recipes & Preparations:
As preparations are considered their own item, the usage and breakdown will be visible on your COGS and Actual vs Theoretical report. This will provide you with a more detailed on-hand level, count value, and actual usage report.
While sub-recipes are depleted as the main menu item is sold, you will not see counts or on-hand levels for these recipes on your reports, they will loop in with the raw ingredient counts.

Note: If you are using preparations, in order for your COGs to be accurate, you must run every production event and take opening and closing inventory counts.

HOW TO - Step by Step
  1. Go to "Inventory items" > "Sub recipes / Preparations"
  2. Click on the item you want to make into a preparation
    and scroll down to the inventory part 

  3. Tick the box next to "Define this item as a preparation"

Mastering this feature Changing items back from preparation to sub-recipe

You can change the recipes back from preparations to sub-recipes as long as you never ran a production event for those items. 
Just go into the item and un-check the box :) 







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