What is the report showing?

This report is collecting all of your purchases information- every single item, with qty and prices.
To run this report, you'll need to receive at least 1 order, or have at least 1 processed scan. 

If you're part of a multi-chain location and using transfers, you'll see incoming transfers here as well!

Why should I use it?
  1. See how often we are purchasing inventory items and how much we are spending on them.
  2. Show your spending power for price negotiations. You can export only parts of this report if you don't want your rep to see everything.
  1. Go to "Reports" > "Purchase by items"
    this report will automatically load the purchases of the current month, but you can select any date range you want to analyze.

  2. On this report, you'll see a list of items with totals, and you can click on the triangle to the left of each item in order to see the list of invoices it appeared on:

  3. You can use the search boxes under "Category" or "Inventory item" to search for a specific item or category and narrow down all the rest of the values.
    You'll also see the total value for the sorted items on the bottom right.
Mastering Purchase by Items - Negotiate best prices

If you're looking to negotiate prices for your high-demand products, you can use this report to search for the item name (for example: "beef") then click on the arrow down button on the top right.
The Excel you'll get will only include the beef item(s) you see on the screen, so you can easily send it to your supplier and ask for a better price based on pars from last month / season!



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