Updating prices from suppliers


What is it doing? 

Naturally, the prices of your items will change from time to time, for some items - as often as every day!
In MarketMan, when you're receiving your orders, the price changes will feed into your Irregular prices report, so you could update or reject them later on.

If you want to upload a price update from your supplier before receiving an order (for example, if you want to update the price before ordering) you can do this via Excel upload as well.

  Automatically update prices from invoices 

Enables users to decide which suppliers they want to update prices automatically while receiving orders. This checkbox controls the default state of the update price checkbox in the receive flow, and the accept price update flow in the irregular prices report. 

  1. Go to "Suppliers" > "Prices"
    You can see the current price list, and also download it to Excel, by clicking on the arrow down.

  2. Click on "Import from Excel", then download the sample file.

  3. In the sample file, add the product codes, item name and new prices from your supplier.
    All 3 columns are mandatory.

  4. In MarketMan, click on "Choose file" and select the Excel you just save with the new prices.
    You'll see the file name appear next to the button, once selected.
    Click on "Import from Excel"

  5. Wait for the file to upload and for the results:
    Once the file is fully uploaded, MarketMan will tell you how many items were updated and if there were any errors in the process.
  I got an error message. Why?

You can get an error message while uploading your price update file, if MarketMan cannot locate your item based on the UOM or name.
The error message will tell you if the product was not found, and which one wasn't found, so you can check it out and try again.

You might want to take a screenshot of the error message if the list is very long.


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