Min on hand / Low stock alert


What is it doing? 

Min on hand or minimum on hand is the minimum amount of a product you want in your inventory at any time.
MarketMan allows you to set this up for your items and get alerts when they reach this level (based on the on-hand calculation) These will be "Low stock alert" notifications in the App or Web version of MarketMan

Why should I use it?
  1. Great way to get alerts and never run out of something you order once in a while
  2. If you use this for items your managers/employees tend to forget to order, these alerts will serve as reminders for them to always order this - and save you the time of reminding them yourself.notification.png                       inventory alert.png

HOW TO - Step by Step

You can set this up per item:

  1. Go to "Inventory" > "Inventory items"
    And click on an inventory item to open the op-up
  2. Scroll down to the advanved item definition section, and enter the qty in the "min on hand" field.
    This goes by UOM, so if I buy this pasta in 1lb pack, and I want to ALWAYS have 2 packs in stock, I'll enter in 2 like the image shows!

  3. Don't forget to hit "Save" ✅

You can also set this up in bulk:

  1. Select the items you want to apply this for-
    It has to be that ALL of them have the exact same qty of min-order. (But it could be of different UOMs, MarketMan will apply 5EA and 5lb exactly the same - just as qty 5)
  2. Click "Actions" > "Bulk update"
    And then select "Min on hand" from the list, and click "Continue".
  3. Type in the qty you want to apply- just the number.
    Don't forget to hit "Save" ✅
Extra tips - from the experts!
  • It's best to use these alerts for items you buy rarely, so you never forget to order them.
    Remember to leave yourself room for the ordering/delivery time when setting up the qty for this.



Why do I get alerts about stock being low?

If you have your "Min on hand" set at a threshold you will automatically get text message notifications when the on-hand level drop below that amount! 
To stop those alerts, go into the item and remove/adjust the "Min on hand" qty.


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