How do I receive an order if I did not place an order through MarketMan?


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Sometimes you will forget to place an order through MarketMan or will receive an order you were not expecting. When this happens you can still receive the order through MarketMan. 

The easiest way to do it is by scanning the invoice! See full step-by-step in think article.
But if you do not have scans included in your subscription, you can also do this manually. 




If you're holding a delivery note with no totals, check out how to receive with delivery notes!

  1. Go to "Orders" > "Receive orders" 
  2. Click on "Invoice without Order" on the top left
    then select the supplier you're entering the invoice for.

  3. mceclip9.png

  4. In the pop-up window you can drop a file there for our team to receive for you - check it out here, or select "Enter invoice manually."

  5. The invoice will open up - Let's start with the top left part.
    Enter the invoice number, the document date, and the total.
    Depending on your locale and tax setting, you might have the ability to enter a tax amount that was collected for this invoice, in other locales tax is added on the item level.
    Payment due date defaults to your supplier payment terms, which you can edit on the supplier details page, but you can change it here as well.

  6. In the "add a new product" search field, search for the item code or name,
    Click on the item you want to add from the drop-down, then add the qty exactly as it is on the invoice. If you were shorted, you can mark this on the "received" VS "Invoice qty" columns. This will automatically create a credit for you.

  7. Once you're done adding all the items, you want to make sure the total in MarketMan matches the total on the invoice.
    Don't forget to hit save!
    If the totals do not match there will be a warning to force you to hit save twice in order to ensure you want to process a not fully allocated invoice.
HOW TO - On the app!

The easiest would be to just scan your invoice! Try it, if you haven't yet.

  1. Go to "Receive orders"
    Then click on Receive without order. If you are not scanning your invoice, click Enter Manually.

  2. Select the supplier you are about to receive, enter the document number (invoice number), date and totals then press Continue.


  1. Copy the information from the invoice: Invoice number, date, and total.
    Then click "Continue".


  2. Search for the items you want to add by typing in the text box - you can search for the product code or the item name.

  3. Once you selected the item you want, fill out the quantity and update the price as needed.
    When you're done with this item, click "Save" to continue to the next one.


  4. Repeat for all items, compare totals, and then click the big green "Save" button at the bottom of the screen to save the invoice!
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