What does integrating my POS do?

Integrating your POS with MarketMan allows analytics of real-time sales and menu data! 

Our integrations team will connect your Point of Sales system pulling in all of your Menu Items, their POS codes, and prices. 

Once connected, MarketMan syncs with your POS system daily pulling in a complete sales summary! 

As a result, we are able to offer the following functionality in MarketMan:

1) Real-time food costs
    Alerts for minimum on hand will be sent straight to your phone!

  • As sales are recorded in your POS, MarketMan depletes inventory from your on-hand stock in real-time and alerts you and your employees when it is time to reorder inventory
  • MarketMan's detailed menu profitability report tracks your menu item's life cycle so you can identify your highest and lowest-performing dishes

2) Actual vs theoretical report

  • Compare perpetual and periodical stock to identify and correct any waste, theft or negligence that happens throughout the day

3) Sales summaries

  • Overall daily sales Z file is broken down by individual inventory item
  • Please note that we do not bring in service charges 
  • In order for these sales to be accurate, all tickets need to be closed out the same day they are opened!


If we are not yet integrated with your POS email us at support@marketman.com so we can talk about manual uploads which will still give you the ability to do all three of these things.



Click on the questions to view the answer and step-by-step how-to!   

Do I need item numbers/POS codes in my point of sale for MarketMan to bring in the menu items?

Yes! In order for MarketMan to pull in your menu items from your POS integration, everything in your POS needs the item or POS codes. This includes menu items, modifiers, variances, etc.

Anything you want to be pulled in as a menu item in MarketMan must have a code attached.


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